The estate

domaine Le Marouby

The estate

The estate is located in the municipality of Bonnefond in the 'lieu-dit' Le Marouby and covers a little over 250ha. Several creeks including 'ruisseau de Bonnefond' and 'ruisseau de Mons' flow through the estate and merge into 'La Corrèze'. All the plots of the estate are connected. There are multiple private and public hiking trails and roads on and around the estate. The area is full of life. The meadows, moorelands, humid zones and forests wooded areas, meadows, humid zones and heaths alternate playfully. The rolling landscape lies between 680 and 850m above sea level. Even though it's located rather far south, the plateau ensures an average rainfall of around 1200mm per year keeping nature green.  

A perfect place to take a break away from the daily hustle and bustle.

butterfly paradise

meadow maintenance

sawing our wood

The river correze

The source of the river Corrèze is only a few kilometers from the main house. The Corrèze is 95km long and is left tributary of the river Vézère. The Vézère is 211km and is in its turn an important tributary to the Dordogne. The Dordogne is 483km long and flows into the 'Bay of Biscay', known in some French regions as 'Gulf of Gascony' which is a gulf of the North Atlantic Ocean. The region of the Millevaches Plateau is also considered the 'Château d’Eau de la France', in English 'France’s Water Tower'.

The first meters

This is where La Corrèze rises

and AT 4,5km as the crow flies

And after only 4,5km as the crows fly the water flows a creek is already emerging as it enters the estate. No wonder the Millevaches Plateau is considered as France's Water Tower.