The area

Le Marouby is part of the municipality Bonnefond and is French department Corrèze and is situated on the Millevaches Plateau very close to the 'Parc naturel régional de Millevaches en Limousin. 

The first shops are located at 12km in Bugeat or at 19km in Egletons. The first restaurants can be found at 10, 12, 14, 19km and more in several directions. The estate has several marked hiking routes crossing or passing the estate within 100m of the main house.

At 3 kilometers walking distance from the main house you can visit the abandoned village of Clédat. Here's also the starting point of 12 hiking routes.

At just under 7km from the main house is the 'Source de La Corrèze' where the water begins its journey of several 100km to flow into the 'Bay of Biscay' which is a gulf of the North Atlantic Ocean.

At only 18km distance you can visit the almost 2.000 year exceptional Gallo-Roman site 'Ruines de Cars'. Which is at the heart of the Plateau de Millevaches.

At 25km of the main house is the lake 'Lac des Bariousses' just northof Treignac. There you can find a nice beach, a bar with terrace, a restaurant, Aque Park and rental of water cycle boats.

The abandoned village of clédat 

The abadoned village of Clédat is 3km walk or 7km drive form Le Marouby. The village was abadoned in the 1960's. Some of the old buildings, including an old church, have been restored.

12 hiking routes start at clédat

Clédat is a nice starting point for 12 hiking routes varying from 2 to 23km. Two of the hiking routes pas the main house. A new trail running route also passes the main house.

Click here for the link to the hiking routes starting in Clédat

view from le rocher at clédat

At 400m from Clédat there is a beautiful view point 'Le Rocher' which has an outlook over the valley. 

The slate roof of the main house can be seen from there. 

Menhir du pilar

A 2,4km hike from the main house you will find the 'Menhir du Pilar'. This prehistoric menhir is almost 2 meters high (1,94m), 78cm by 50cm wide.  On some sides, you can see an engraved Christian cross. Monuments that were considered pagan in ancient times were Christianized this way.

Ruines des Cars

A 18km drive takes you to an impressive Gallo-Roman site 'Ruines des Cars'. It was built around the 1st-2nd century AD. The ruins of an old tomb and an impressive villa. The villa was heated by the ground, had running water and a heated pool. 


On the north side of the estate you will find an old stone bridge where the 'ruisseau de Bonnefond' flows under the hiking path.


The waterfalls of Murel (Cascades de Murel) are located 70km from Le Marouby. They can be reached by car from the village of Forgès. A longer walking trail (2-3hrs) can be started there or in the village Albussac. There are three successive waterfalls which run through the steep, wooded Franche-Valeine gorges. The water runs through a maze of rocks before flowing calmly into the Dordogne river. Good walking shoes are strongly recommended. Some parts of the path are quite a challenge.

beautyful city of argentat

The beautiful city of Argentat is a 60km drive from Le Marouby. The houses, situated on both sides of the river Dordogne, have beautiful slate roofs. On the northern wharf are several nice restaurants.